Purpose and Passion–A snapshot from the Pink WILD retreat

This weekend I am at a retreat in east Texas for WILD (Women in leadership development). It is an awesome program and curriculum created and presented by Pink at Gateway. The entire focus for the weekend is identifying your passions and purpose. It’s all about stirring up the pot of who God has made you to be and revealing those little gems that make you you!

I promised myself that I would disconnect this weekend. No Facebook updates, no posting pictures on Instagram, no witty tweets on Twitter. Even email is off limits. So far, so good–except this post. Whoops :-) I can’t help myself. I’m taking my free time this weekend to write and I just want to pose a couple questions to each of you for a bit of thought and reflection. Just two things to ask God, I promise. You ready? Okay, here we go:

  1. Show me who you are.
  2. Show me who I am.

That’s it. (I’m kind of laughing at that sentence just because the depth of those two points is rocking my world right now.)

But in all seriousness, take some time in prayer. Approach the throne of grace and ask God to reveal Himself to you. It has the potential to change everything.

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3 thoughts on “Purpose and Passion–A snapshot from the Pink WILD retreat

  1. I like your questions, and I think God answered them for me some time ago. To me, God is my Father. I’m not talking about the surface meaning of how we sometimes refer to God. I’m talking about a deeper meaning… my personal relationship with Him. He is my heavenly parent, who loves me to matter what I do or how I behave. I relate to God much the same way I relate to my earthly father, only more so. And to your second question; I’m am one of Gods dearly loved children. And I’m so grateful.


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