When Is The Time To Upgrade Your Air Conditioning System?

AC unit is a pricey investment; however, to keep them lasting long, sufficient care, regular maintenance and service are mandatory. The average AC lifespan is around 10 years to 15 years. So, what if they need a repair or need a replacement? Should you replace or repair your AC unit? Let’s get into some details to get into a deeper understanding.

Signs That You Need An AC Replacement

Your AC unit might need a replacement if it making a strange noise, over its time, leaking or so on. If it is not worth repairing then a replacement is the best option, particularly if the equipment has served you long enough, considering the average lifespan of an AC.

Some issues which might call for an AC replacement are:

  • If your AC is using R-22 Freon which is phased out now, then it is best to replace the AC as adding this refrigerant can become quite costly for you. Eventually, you will have to replace the equipment that uses R410 refrigerant.
  • If your AC is over 10 or 12 years old and still going, then it’s good enough.
  • Inefficient or energy-losing AC will need replacement. A system with a low SEER rating can be inefficient. An AC with at least a 14 SEER rating is recommended for cutting on costs on energy bills.
  • Facing Expensive repairs often is another aspect to consider.


What You Should Know When Buying A Brand New AC Unit

When you have a professional help of an AC technician, you will be able to understand which AC is efficient and how suitable it is for your home. Taking a professional’s help will cost you less and give your reliability on the purchase.

Some reasons to hire an expert when picking a new AC:

  • He or she will help you pick the right Aircon keeping the factors associated with you like the number of rooms, how spacious is the house and where exactly you want the AC to be fit, and so on.
  • He or she will help you with the right energy-efficient AC with its right SEER ratings. This will help in energy bill management and give you an appropriate cooling unit.
  • He or she will ensure the installation and setup are made such that it is safe for the house and the people living in it. He is an expert in handling the equipment and the tools right for the job.
  • He or she has the right knowledge about this equipment. He is sure of where it should be installed for energy efficiency and the right operation for the overall cooling of the house.
  • You need not worry about the tools or anything associated with the installation as the professionals handle everything.


Should You Repair Your AC Unit?

You might want to replace the AC for the following reasons:


  • When replacement is a one-time investment considering the reality of equipment.
  • If the repair statistics are high compared to the replacement charges, then the decision should be made.
  • If the AC has come for repair in spite of being well maintained, then considering replacement is best rather than bearing over expensive repair charges.
  • Replacement will get you an advanced and efficient AC.
  • When the operation of an AC is not so efficient in cooling the house.


AC units are chosen in energy-efficient models and to minimize the level of humidity which contributes to the summer heat discomfort by reducing the temperature. This way people can sleep comfortably doing their activities with ease while awake and sleep well. A professional will help you with the replacement in a cost-efficient way.